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* I am Tagged

I am Tagged!!

What do you think is easy,writing about the things we love or about those things that we hate?? I think writing about what we hate is very difficult.... I have been tagged by my very good friend Shubha to write about 10 things I hate.....had to really scratch my head to come out with this...

Here are the 10 things I hate:

1. Being Alone: I don't like being alone, like to be surrounded with people I know

2. Smoking: I really hate to see someone smoking in front of me,can't stand it!!

3. Bad breath: I hate that foul smell...eewwwwww.

4. Daily soaps: I really hate those family dramas they show on these Zee,Star,Sony..........TV.

5. Ego and Attitude: A big No-No.....To those who are too egoistic and show a lot of attitude.

6. Selfishness: I simply hate to see selfish people around.

7. Babies when crying : Babies are so cute.....and I cant see them crying!!!

8. Mess: I like keeping everything neat and clean and hate to see mess and dirt around me.

9. Falling sick :I hate it when I fall sick.

10. Being away from home: I believe in 'Home Sweet Home'.........can't stay away from my home for a long time.

Phew....it was so hard!!!

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meeso said...

This is always a funny meme to read!

Madhuram said...

Loved reading your meme Hetal. Thank you for subscribing to my blog, tagging me for this meme and for your comments in my blog. I really appreciate it.

I will definitely post my meme very shortly.

Andhra Flavors said...

You have a surprise in My Blog

sireesha said...

Nice to read ur meme.Thank u very much for tagging me.....

Sunshinemom said...

Agreed with many of the things you hate...My mom calls me a school marm...so I guess this should be easy for me..ha ha! I will do it at once:)

Laavanya said...

Nice Meme Hetal.. good to know a bit more about you.

Cham said...

Nice tag...

Shubha Ravikoti said...

Nice and funny meme... enjoyed reading it...:)

Julia said...

I agree with everything on that list, including finding it difficult to write about things I hate!